Freya's Links


Here you will find links to many of the other websites I like to visit.

I will only generally post links to other hardcore transgender sites (with perhaps a few softcore) or site which have elements of hardcore transgender and/or links to them.

If you know of any links that you think belong here that I have missed let me know, likewise please report any broken links.


Here are the sites of people attached to this website in some way including contributors.

Transformation Media    -    Our generous host.

Freya's Sexual Transgender (The Old Site)

Freya's Yahoo Group

Overlord's Zhor Universe

My Summer Cummings Site

Rebecca's World    -    Rebbecca Molay's Caption Blog

Tina's Hardcore Erotica    -    Tina's Caption Blog



Nifty's Archive: Transgender Magic and Sci-Fi

The Overflowing Bra

Crystal's Storysite

Forever Changing

If Wishes Were Horses


Lusty Library

MasterPC Universe

Old Joe's Collection TG

Petra Jane's Story Site

Sapphire's Place

Shifty: Transgender



TG Ladies

The Lab

The Transformation Story Archive


Wholeman's Whole

Wishes Granted

XoYo's Story Archive

Caption and Story Blogs

Alectra's Playground

Amy's TG Place

And Now For Something Completely Different...

A Nony Moose's TG Captions  

Awesome TG Captions

Ben's Transformations

Betty's Captions *New*

Brenda's Big Tits TG Captions

Bubblepop's Electric Thoughts

Caitlyn's Masks

Caption Stash

Casey's TG Caps

Danielle Mays TG Captions

Dee'lusions of Grandeur  *New*

Donniegee's Captions  

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dragons Fan Captions

Emerwilde's Dreaming

Erin's Captions

Extreme Captioning Afficanado

Forced Femme Fantasies

Future Perfect

GG's TG Caps  

Gabrielle's Realm

Gratificas TG Captions

GoldenDawn Creations

Hewy's Hovel *New*

Isobelle's Captions

Isobelle's Dungeon

Jack Andrews (Is) Captioned

Jeniffer's TG caps of Defiance

Jessica's Web

Joanne's TG Captions

Jolyne's Big Tits TG  

Judoo's Captions

Lady Alexia

Lexi's Caps

Makin' Chicks

Modern Goddess': The Shrine to Decadence

Nikki's Sweet Dreams

Nikki's Sweet Stories

NRAE Captions

Nude TG Caps

Paci's Captions

Papa Dragon's TG  

Sky's TG and Other Captions

Slutty Chrissy's TG Captions

Smitty's TG Caps

sp2000's TG Captions *New*

Steffimariechen's Forced Femme TG Captions  

TG Caption Series


TG Jessie's Captions  

Titillating TG Captions

Tom's Big-Assed TG Captions

Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics

Transgender Media

Transgender Pictories

Trisha's TG Captions *New*

Victoria's TransGender Captions

VIP Captions Blog

Wendys World


Bimbo Boutique

Joe Six Pack Site

TG Caps

Comics and Hentai

TG Comics

Anime & Manga TG  

Baka Manga Updates: GenderBender

Farhad's TG Manga Site


Infinity Sign

Ranma Hentai Books

E-Hentai Galleries: BodySwap

Satin Minions  

Ten Manga: Gender Bender


El Goonish Shive


I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle




The Wotch


Interactive Stories

Fiction Branches

The Unending BE Adventure

Choose Your Own Change


Locked in Lace

TF Roleplay



Adult Film Database

Hazel Freemans International Transgender Film Guide

Weird and Sexy



A Bimbo's Sanctuary

Rachel's Haven

The Process Forum

TF Games Site