Freya's Sexual Transgender   


Due to unknown reasons, Pornhome where I hosted my old website Freya's Sexual transgender is now blocked by much of the  internet security programmes out there.

I am not sure what the reason is for this, whether someone set up a website using pornhome which hosted illegal imagery or anything else but I can assure you it was nothing I myself hosted and it seems the entire of pornhome was blocked.

Recently a friend of the website found a way around the blocking of pornhome and in an email told me how to get around this.

So as to ensure I make no mistakes in relaying this information I shall copy and paste his instructions with his alredy given permission with only names removed.

If you follow the instructions below you should be able to visit the old site. You do so at your own risk though I am unaware of anything from the website that can harm your computer if you do so.



Yes, I noticed about the site being blocked as soon as I changed

antivirus software. But I may be able to suggest some tiny little bit of

help here.

The new version of the free Avast antivirus is probably the main

culprit. It blocks the entire domain at its "network

shield" level -- you never get to even open a connection to the site.

Temporarily disabling the network shield allows access. Unfortunately,

Avast provides no way to whitelist a site in the "network shield".

Interestingly, the Avast "web shield", which in fact does check all

files downloaded from the site, has no problem with any of the pornhome



Freya's Sexual Transgender