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A website here to unashamedly cater to those who wish to see and read magical and sci-fi Transgender images and stories. The site features my own work as well as the work of contributors. If you wish to contribute any transgender material of a adult nature involving magic or sci-fi then feel free to email me.

This site is a follow on from my original website Freya’s Sexual Transgender which you can still find here.

All materials within this site are of a adult nature, if you are under the age of 18 (21 respectively in countries where applies) or if you are offended by material of sexual content please find somewhere else on the internet more appropriate for you.

2nd April 2011

Once again been awhile since I updated. this is due to a few problems on my end but all sorted now.

We are blessed with two of the sites most prolific contributors this month.

First of all the ever popular Ed Miller. Ed has contributed his 400th caption to the site this month. I am absolutely staggered by all the amazing captions he has created which are loved by so many. Thanks Ed for all you have done.

Find his new captions in his section Ed Miller

And one of the other biggest contributors to the site with more of their amazing work Alex2. I owe Alex2 an apology as for Goddess knows how long I have been referring to them on this site as Tina2. I have no idea how I made this mistake in the first place or why it took so long for me to notice my mistake, maybe I am becoming one of those silly bimbos I like in so many stories I read. Anyway I have rectified the mistake now and all Tina2 references on the site should now read as Alex2. If I missed any let me know.

Find Alex's new captions in Alex2

Whilst I am apologising. I owe Trisha of Trisha's TG Captions one as I thought I had linked to her site in the links section a long time ago as I have her in my personal bookmarks and have done so for a very long time.

Her wonderful blog is in their now as are a number of other new links. Find them here.

Just a note on links. I always welcome contributions. If you have a site or know of one which you think should be linked from mine send me an email and let me know.

Just remember I want them to be in a similar vein to my own site so magical and sci-fi hardcore TG sites, not shemale and crossdressing ones.

I know looking in current links a few have got in which might be more softcore. This tends to be because in the early days I would link to those as well or I thought a new blog with softcore images had the potential to start adding more hardcore.

Hope you enjoy the update. See you soon.


Just on a note about my email. Being a website with decent traffic, and having listed my contact email in the pages it seems spammers have hijacked my emails and use them to send out spam. I even get spam from myself at times.

This has caused a few problems including gmail have stopped me accessing my spellbooks email so if you want to email me regarding that use my main one.

Also AOL seems to have blocked me emailing users with them, so if you are with AOL and need to contact me and have me reply try emailing me at my old email address. I check it several times a week.

Note about Freya's Sexual Transgender (the Old Site) 

Unfortunately some security software is blocking pornhome, the site on which my old website is hosted and many of you have been unable to access it for some time.

A friend of the site has offered a possible solution to view it. You can find that here.

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